School of Christ

School of Christ

Posted by Truthseeker | On 02 Feb 2019 1:34 PM

Growing up in New York City, September was back-to-school month. This time of year generally found us children in a state of near like depression at the thought of returning to school. On the other hand, many parents were doing a “happy dance”. As I think about the subject of school, I am reminded of another school – the School of Christ.

Some might be surprised that Christ has a school, but He does. The tuition is free, the Instructor is out of this world, the curriculum is varied covering a wide range of subjects, every willing individual is able to enroll, and the classes are never full. In fact, there are always more open seats than students to fill them.

When I first learned of this school, I was a bit skeptical about enrolling. Why? Well, for a number of reasons: school is always in session, there are no holidays or summer breaks, I didn’t like some of the subjects covered – especially the practicums, and to top it off, you never graduate. You can begin to see why this school is so vastly different than others.

After speaking with the Instructor though, I got a better sense of the school. I began to realize that this school was set up in the way it was because of the kind of students it was seeking to produce. I learned that its aim was not simply to help me to thrive in this world. No, the aim was much higher: it was to prepare me to live in eternity.

When I saw the resume of the Instructor, my jaw dropped. I had never in my life seen such an impressive document. Imagine having a Teacher who has no beginning. As a lover of history, I greatly anticipated all the things that He would teach me, because He’s always been around. While I’ve never been a great lover of the sciences, I’ve always had an interest in learning how things work, from our bodies to the universe. I was amazed to learn that my Instructor was the Creator of everything and had an understanding of biology, physics, chemistry, etc., that could not be matched.

As I spoke more to the Instructor and one of the things that sealed the deal for me was how I began to understand just how much He had my best interest at heart. I learned that if I enrolled in the school, though the classes might be difficult, He would always be there to assist me. I loved the one-on-one tutoring provided and that it’s literally 24/7. I have never called on my Instructor for help and found Him unavailable. His care for His students is so deep that He was willing to give His life to ensure their success.

Since the aim of the school is to develop the character, the methods employed tend to be unorthodox. The teaching aids include all manners of problems, trials and temptations. The greatest lessons that are learned sometimes come through suffering, hardship, sickness, and poverty. These are developed to help us to see the defects in our character that we might turn to the Instructor more fully to get rid of them.

This school is very practical. It’s not about theories and hypotheticals. The Instructor will put you in real-life situations, sometimes over and over, so you can master each lesson. And when you have finally mastered that lesson, He introduces you to yet another problem so that you can become a well-rounded individual.

I have struggled and still struggle with the Instructors chosen methods of discipline. Sometimes, it’s all I can do to continue in a class but I can’t imagine not seeing it through. My Instructor is so encouraging and always cheers me on. He makes it almost impossible to fail.

Every student of the school is also a recruiter and as such, I encourage you to enroll in this school. It is a choice that you will not regret. The education and sense of purpose and mission that you will receive in this school is unparalleled. The peace of mind gifted that will serve as an anchor during the most difficult times is not available in any other school. Unlike other schools, the primary education that you will gain fits you to dwell in heavenly places.

Oh, I forgot to mention that we have the best textbook ever! It’s called the “Bible”. This book is comprehensive and touches on every subject imaginable. To enroll, contact us and we will be more than happy to walk you through the admissions process.

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